Olu Jacob, Joke Silva, Sam Dede, the Young’s, Obazele, Inojie and several personalities in the Nigeria moving industry will first week of March stormed Benin City, Edo state capital for the shooting of multi-million films written and to be produced by comrade Henry Legama.

The films, according to the man behind the event, Legama, audition will start on the 25th February, 2013 at the Nollywood cinema hall, Oba Akenzua cultural centre, Benin and the total cost of the whole production will stand between fifty to sixty million naira.

“I am shooting two movies quite alright; the first one is Emotan and am staring virtually every body worthy in the Nigerian moving industry.

“I have two prolific directors am employing for the job: Jeta Amata and Fred Amata, they will double to direct the movie.

“Sam Dede, Norbert Young, Gloria Young, Chidi Imokeme, Paul Obazele, Charles Inogie are all in this production. We are also getting back Mary J Achilogu, she is playing one of the lead role, we are equally going to feature Joke Silva, Uncle Olu Jacob and of course we are using the main crops of the art in Edo State for this project and back to back which is going to be in Edo language, we will be using the same career, same equipment for the Emotan set for this movie.

“Lanslot Oduwa Imasuen will direct the movie and that will serve as source of encouragement for his campaign for the sustenance of Benin language, he will be producing while I (Legama) will be directing the film.

“ We are using Benin born artist for this particular movie. For Emotan, as you know is going to be a historical movie. Emotan is actually the mother of Royalty because she made it possible for the sustainership of Oba in Benin Kingdom, its one way we see it to dignify our mother.

“For the second film, which is titled Atakparakpa, as you know, am a realist, this are things that people can flash their mind back that happened in the ancient kingdom of Benin. This are historical facts, we felt must be documented for the younger generation to see.

“The equipment I will be using for this film will cost me over 6 million naira and that means we are looking at a very huge project. The total cost for the two projects will be approximately 60 Million naira.

“The issue here is not about money, its about doing what we enjoy doing, its about doing what gives you satisfaction. If money comes fine but if it doesn’t we thank God. Every movie I have shot made a statement and that is what we are trying to do here. Well a lot of people are involved in this film financially especially the Benin people. Somebody like Solomon Edebiri, is one of the great financier of this movie because he believes in what we are doing.