Fuel subsidy is a myth; let’s see the numbers – Wereko Brobby challenges Alex Mould

Wereko Brobby

Wereko Brobby

A former Chief Executive Officer of the Volta River Authority has described as myth claims of subsidies being paid by government on petroleum products.

Dr Charles Wereko Brobby insists there is no such subsidy and challenged the National Petroleum Authority to publish the figures and show the extent of subsidy being paid by the government.

The NPA has been threatening to remove the subsidies on petroleum products and has urged Ghanaians to pay the full cost of the products in the country.

The NPA boss, Alex Mould said the country’s currency has depreciated against the dollar with the price of crude oil increasing at the international market, two major factors that keep the prices of the petroleum products going up in the country.

He said the country must be ready to pay the full cost of the product but Dr Wereko Brobby said unless the NPA gives the country evidence of the subsidies it claims to have paid, they cannot be taken serious.

Wereko Brobby told Joy News there is a petroleum price index which adequately factors in taxes, ex-refinery levies and cross subsidization levies, saying if government pays subsidies outside the price build up it should be able to show it.

In a reaction, Alex Mould said the evidence is available and charged Wereko Brobby and all other critics to come to his office so he could provide it or buy the gazette and find out for themselves.

The former VRA boss did not take kindly to the comment by the NPA boss. Wereko Brobby said it must not take him or any other Ghanaian to walk into his office before that evidence will be made available.

Brobby insisted that the NPA boss is a public servant and must begin to serve the public and not be arrogant about it.