Relocation to the Flagstaff House is in the right direction – Young Democrats

Flagstaff House N

Flagstaff House N

Accra, Feb. 12, GNA – Hajia Habiba Osumanu, a leading member of the Young Democrats, a pro NDC group, has commended the President on his relocation to the Flagstaff House saying ‘it’s in the right direction’.

She said though prominent members of the NDC had divergent views on the estimated cost, building and the eventual relocation to the renovated structure, it was important that the structure is not left to waste but used for its intended purposes.

Hajia Osumanu, in an interview with the GNA, said in leaving the Christiansborg Castle it was equally important not to neglect the structure but to use it to serve as an annex to the seat of government.

She said it was important to look at things from a broader view saying the relocation is not a betrayal to the stance of Late President Mills as some have erroneously suggested and that it has not been a stated policy of the NDC to reject the use of the Flagstaff House.

Hajia Osumanu said though some have interestingly labeled the place as a ‘poultry farm’ or ‘hen coop’, it was still a place designed to host presidential visitors and house the President more so Kwame Nkrumah, our first president, lived on the same compound too.

She said the ‘piling traffic’ fears of some commuters who use the main road before the Flagstaff House, were unfounded as the place had been well designed with many gates to ensure that the traffic situation was not compounded due to people moving in and out of the presidential premises. 

Hajia Osumanu said so long national security has declared the place safe for government business, the existing houses and business entities surrounding the Flagstaff House would equally pose no threat.

She said across the world, major governmental institutions like the White House in the US, and the Number 10 Downing Street in the UK, are located in the center of their respective cities with few concerns as due security precautions  have been taken and regularly reviewed.

Hajia Osumanu said ‘it’s just good planning that is needed to protect the President and his entourage and overall, his move is in the right direction’. GNA