Adwoa Safo And Ugly Noises

Some young persons in Ghanaian politics today are fast adopting all means of becoming popular overnight, even with some using personality attacks, insults and lies, as their means.

Ms Adwoa Sarfo, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for the Dome-Kwabenya could be one fine young politician, but she is presently gaining notoriety for using unorthodox means to become popular.

Her utterances and attacks on personalities, clearly indicate that she would soon crush without anybody but herself causing the ditch.
After working so hard to win the Parliamentary election in her area with a huge margin, Adwoa Sarfo, is virtually becoming a pale shadow of herself, talking about things that she has little knowledge of.

She goofed at GIMPA ‘big time’; when she was asked in an interview on how an orientation organized for MPs went, Adwoa went overboard to display her false hopes that her NPP would definitely win the petition it has sent to the Supreme Court challenging the results of the December 7/8, 2012 Presidential election.

Indeed, there was no question from the television station on the petition, though. However Adwoa Sarfo chose to dodge the issue at stake, to talk about a petition.

The young lawyer then went after no other person than the Chairman of Parliamentary Vetting Committee, Mr. Ebo Barton Odro, on the vetting of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

Adwoa Sarfo’s beef was that the Chairman of the Committee would not allow the issues bothering on Woyome to be discussed at the vetting.
She went on Citi FM radio to say that Mr. Odro should have excused himself from the vetting of the Attorney-General.

Be as it may, Adwoa Sarfo as lawyer should have known the implications of discussing the issue at the vetting, but because she wants the cheap means of becoming popular, she went after Mr. Odro.
Adwoa Sarfo will do herself lots of good to ask Nana Akufo-Addo about his position on the matter involving the father of her children, Kennedy Agyapong on his incendiary comments, calling on Ashantis to Kill Ga and Ewe people.

Young woman; if you want to be popular and be taken seriously, please see Madam Christine Churcher and other strong women, who did the NPP good before people like you joined the boat.

The NPP as it is, will use you for all kinds of dirty work, and when it gets to the crunch, all that they will tell you is that your position on various issues was not the position of the party.
If you want to be heard, just take your time and learn because you are an intelligent young lady, rather than this ugly manner you have just started.

Is it not funny that you decided to talk about vetting when the leadership of your party decided that your party should boycott the process?

If indeed you and your party wanted anything good for Ghanaians, the decision not to be part of the vetting would have be reconsidered.
In any case, did you hear the father of your children on the NPP’s boycott of the vetting?

Just have the needed patience, your work in Parliament will make you popular, and not the cheap arguments you raise on radio and TV.