“Only Singers Will Be Remembered In The History Of Ghanaian Music”…Ded Buddy

I believe he is not or perhaps the first person to believe that singers will forever be remembered in the history of Ghanaian music but the hiplife artiste Ded Buddy Qweci have come out publicly to say that names of singers in the music industry will forever remain in our music archives and in the memories of music lovers unlike rappers in the industry.

The singer who has recently released a single track “Mepe wo saa” for all celebrants of the Vals day said over the weekend that he was very happy with the trend and the way our hiplife music have turned to. He claimed it has become more of singing than rapping as compared to some years back when some musicians in the country were all trying to be rappers.

He added that sometime ago musicians felt very good and proud introducing themselves as rappers than to say they are singers but it good the way up and coming artiste has adopted the singing style to that of rap.

“It was singing that lifted the phase of Nigerian music. That is the African spirit. We just shouldn’t run away from it because that is how we can sell our culture through music. Normally when history of music is being told, we hear names of singers and hardly hear that of singers” he stated.

According to him singers like himself has such a profound, long-lasting impact on the music landscape that its ripples are still being felt by their legion of admirers. Singers always give people a feeling that anyone could relate to, singing continues to be the barometer by which people measure their heart or emotional feelings for the love of music.

He said he will prefer seeing music producers, executive producers, artistes management and record labels in the country concentrate on singing talents than rappers reason being that the life span of a rapper is very short and normally hit in a “box”.

“You can count on one hand how many successful rappers have done what singers in the country did so effortlessly. Singing has the ability to cross over to every listener and “connect on a human level in a way that affects everybody and that’s the more reason why I love to sing than to rap” he said.

Ded Buddy