Egypt: Protesters Block Entrance to Tahrir’s Mogamma

A number of protesters shut down Tahrir’s Mogamma on Sunday to voice their demands in an escalating step.

The protesters gathered at the main entrance of the Mogamma, Egypt’s largest government building, preventing citizens and public servants from entry.

“Closed in the name of rebels,” said a banner hanging on one of the entrances to the Mogamma, MENA reported.

The protesters said that they would not reopen the Mogamma unless their demands are met.

The demands of protesters are:

  • Retribution for martyrs of the uprising and the martyrs of the recent violent clashes.
  • Sacking Hisham Kandil’s cabinet and forming a credible national unity government.
  • Cleansing the ministry of interior.
  • Dismissing the attorney general.
  • Forming a neutral legal committee to amend the constitution.
  • Dissolving the Shura Council (upper house of parliament).
  • Holding early presidential elections.

The protesters set up barbed wires which agitated some of the citizens, instigating arguments between protesters and some of the public who wanted to run their errands but have been stalled.