Serial Rapist Busted

Suspect Solomon Otoo in police custody

Suspect Solomon Otoo in police custody

According to the victim who claimed to have been violently raped by the suspect, exactly a week before his arrest, the suspect assaulted her severely before raping her.

Not satisfied, the victim said, the suspect then raped her anally as well.

When he was finally satisfied, the victim claimed suspect Solomon then pushed her out of the vehicle and sped off.

The trader said during the struggle she bit the ear of the suspect and broke the windscreen of his vehicle.

‘A passerby who saw me lying helplessly by the road, took me to the nearest clinic where I was on admission until I finally met him at the police station, arrested for committing a similar offence,’ she added.

Narrating the arrest to DAILY GUIDE, ASP Christine Srofenyoh, the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) officer in charge of Madina, said suspect Solomon was brought to the station around 6:00am by some passersby for attempting to rape a passenger.

According to the witnesses in the case, they saw the suspect struggling with the victim in the taxi which had been parked in a secluded area with the central locking system locked.

Neighbours managed to rescue the weak lady who had human bites and bruises all over her body.

When the lady was asked what was amiss, she said she hired the suspect’s vehicle from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Madina around 1:30am.

The driver, she said, intentionally diverted his route through Haasto and finally stopped at Haatso Bohye around 3:00am.

There, the suspect attempted to rape her but she resisted.

In the process, the suspect tortured her severely so he could easily rape her.

The suspect struggled with the victim until about 5:30am when some passerby spotted them and went to her rescue.

When the suspect’s taxi was searched, there were blood stains on the front seat where the victim had sat as well as some strands of the victim’s hair.

While taking her statement, the 29-year old trader who had been a victim a week earlier, came to the station to identify the suspect as the one who had raped her.

Further investigations revealed that the same Solomon Otoo had been arrested in 2009 and brought to the station for raping a lady.

He was remanded for 18 months in prison custody until a Human Rights court gave him reprieve through a bail.

ASP Srofenyoh said both victims were still receiving treatment at the hospital and would be discharged soon to help the police investigate the matter.

She urged individuals who may be victims of the act of suspect Solomon to report to the Madina DOVVSU.

By Linda Tenyah