Oil bunkering haven raided in Calabar

Over 500 jerry cans of petroleum products were set ablaze in Esuk Otu creek in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, at the weekend during a sting operation by security personnel led by Acting Governor Efiok Cobham.

The jerry cans, laden with petroleum products and pumping machines, were stacked in a barge before it was intercepted and destroyed at the creek.

Cobham said it’s unfortunate that despite efforts by government, illegal bunkering still persists.

“It’s very unfortunate because this is a crime against the economy. It’s pure sabotage and this is not what we should engage in at this critical period of our political history.

“It’s a major economic crime and we are making a statement that anybody who is involved in this act in any part of the state will have their illegal products destroyed.

“It’s in line with the directive of the Federal Government and the state’s policy that we sustain the zero tolerance to criminal activities.”