Governors Accused Of Hijacking Nigeria

The National President of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees NULGE Comrade Ibrahim Khaleel has said that the Governors have hijacked the constitutional amendment process because they were against the abolition of joint account they used to siphon Local government funds.

He said that the level of poverty among Nigerians at the grassroot level could easily be averted if the governors allowed the autonomy of the local government because state governors have allowed sincere and judicious disbursement direct to local government councils in Nigeria.

Khaleel who spoke to journalists over the weekend in Minna after the state’s delegate conference of the union, said that no part of the constitution gave the power to the state governors or the state assembly to re-appropriate and misdirect local government funds but said unfortunately the governors have hijacked the councils.

He said that now that the people of Nigeria have risen against such unlawful practice by the Governors, they were out to hijack the Process of constitutional amendment as it regards local government autonomy.

The NULGE President stated that “Nigeria belongs to all of us not only the governors, what is happening today I don’t think there is any body in Nigeria that is happy, the governors deprive Nigerians of their right at the local government level”.

“Even people right to elect their leaders at the local government is deprived ordinary councillor from the ward you must know a governor before you become a councillor” he added while saying that the governors were having excruciating control over the local government councils siphon the councils fund.

According to him the fight to free the local government councils from the hands of the governors was that of all well meaning Nigerians and should not be left for NULGE alone but a collective fight to stop the deprivation of the people.