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What’s In The Name Of A Church?

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A name is a form of identity given to a person, place or a thing.

Some names have been described as either strange or weird. The names of some churches fall into this category.

In some years past, it was the Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Pentecost, Assemblies of God and the Apostolic churches which were common in our localities.

But the advent of the charismatic’s has brought about a new trend in the names of churches.

One now comes across such names as; The Lord is There Church, Run For Your Church, Agape House, New Testament Church, Back to God Family Church International, Berea Bible Church also known as BBC, Asempa Global Chapel, Positive Faith Church, God’s Academy International Church, Revival Life Outreach Church.

Others are Work Hard for Jesus International Ministry, First Church of Christ Scientist, Agboodorn, In Him is Life Church, Victorious International Church, Christ Vision Sanctuary International Church, Church of Patmos International, Church of Universal and Triumphant, Fountain of Life Ministries, Mountain of Fire and Miracles.

The Spectator hit town to enquire from some pastors about what goes into the selection of names of their churches.

An associate Pastor of the Asempa Global Chapel, Mr. Kwabena Amponsah, said they selected the name Asempa because their primary aim is to preach the good news of the Lord.

“Initially, we had wanted to use Good News Global but during registration we realised that a lot of Churches had registered that name, so we decided to use the Twi form. That explains why the church is called Asempa.”

Mr. Amponsah also disclosed that registration of church names is divided into four categories. Category A are the orthodox churches while Category B has names of charismatic churches – such as the International Central Gospel Church, Word Miracle Church, Royal House Chapel, Christ Embassy, Victory Bible Church, Fountain Gate Chapel, Action Chapel and Global Revival Church.

“Categories C and D are where the other charismatic churches can register their names. The name is to be renewed annually, or it is lost to another church.” he said.

Another Pastor who spoke on anonymity claimed the name of his church was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit while for others, they coined theirs to draw more people to their fold.

The Spectator’s attempt to find out views from the orthodox churches on the names of the charismatic churches hit a snag.

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