I Will Petition President Mahama- Sherita Frimpomaa

Sherita Frimpomaa Kumakuma, the 2012 Vice Presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), has indicated that she would petition the President of the Republic of Ghana to take out the Children’s Ministry from the portfolio given to Nana Oye Lithur as Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. According to her, her position has not changed at all and the fact that the public is strongly against the homosexual issue, the children should not be involved.

Nana Oye Lithur’s nomination and subsequent vetting has sparked a national debate on her position with gay rights.

She indicated that her fears are that if Nana Oye Lithur gets to head the Children’s Ministry, “the kids who turn to copy a lot from their role models would be encouraged to come out boldly and say they are homosexuals.”

“In as much as a lot of young people might have feelings for people of the same sex, it will encourage them to come out boldly and say they are homosexuals” she said.

She opined, Nana [Oye] can take that portfolio but the children should be left out of the discussion. There is too much going on and we clearly know what we want in this country.

She said, nobody is saying that homosexuals should be beaten or stoned to death. I think that taking a position like that of the children’s ministry somehow endorses homosexuality in Ghana.

“Her position on Human Rights is admirable and I think she deserves the position on gender that relates to Human Rights,” she added.