O Africa, May Yahweh Feel Your Tears

Feature Article of Sunday, 27 January 2013

Columnist: Obeng, Raymond

Raymond Obeng.

Tears unending flow through your eyes
The eyes that never cease to see sufferings
The sufferings visited on you from the self-acclaimed elite
O Mother Africa, freedom and justice have run away from your presence
You, crying out for the Black youth,
Catapult your milk into the mouths into the ghetto
The youth in N. Africa have lost their way home
The youth in S. Africa sweat their blood in vain
The youth in E. Africa spend countless time on the coffee field in vain
The youth in W. Africa have their last breath in them
Education has eluded them like how urination has been nonexistent in the life of the chicken
Poverty is their bedfellow
While father has turned his back on his own offspring, mother has hidden her last bite in her cloth, poised to sacrifice it upon hearing the snores of her hungry babies.
Corruption has shaped the four corners of the mouth region of trusted leaders
Those who promised freedom and equity have twisted their mouths like the waist of the old woman under the dilapidated hut

Deceit and degeneration have descended on our only palanquin
O Africa, guilt is the albatross around your neck
Your unbearable agony flows like River Afram: very mighty to harm
The right behavioral pattern has nibbled away:
While men enjoy the flesh of their fellow men, women enjoy the treasure of their fellow women.
The drummer leads the dancer to make a wrong turn into her grave
The farmer hopes in his only-God-knows harvest
The fisherman sighs on his someday-it-will-be-better catch
The hunter feeds on his ailing shoot
The master sandpapers the dignity of his servant
The preacher drinks from his cistern
The politician takes a deep bite of the sweat of the taxpayer
The teacher preys on his learner
While the swimmer navigates towards the paws of doom, the pilot gravitates towards the claws of demise.
I pity you Mama Africa
May Kuntunkunuku feel your tears
May Otweaduampon transport his mighty power to wipe our worries.