1.3 million invalid votes cannot stand; Let My Vote Count Alliance declares

1.3 million invalid votes cannot stand; Let My Vote Count Alliance declares

Members of Let My Vote Count

A new pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance says the country will be worse off if it allows the results of the 2012 General election results as declared by the Electoral Commission, to stand.

Speaking to Joy News’ Jefferson Sackey on Monday, a leading member of the group, David Asante said to ask the country to sit and watch whilst over 1.3 million invalid votes changed the will of the people, is to break down the foundation of Ghana’s democracy.

Leaders of the NPP are already in court challenging the verdict of the Electoral Commission which declared President John Mahama winner of the 2012 elections.

But the pressure group insists the people of Ghana must be made aware, the nuances of the December elections.

The group which was officially launched Sunday has come under a barrage of criticisms for using harsh words to describe the president on the day of the launch, but Mr Asante said the criticisms are unfounded.

He said the launch was to throw light on what the group is about, the composition of the group and to conscientize the people of Ghana on the issues about the 2012 General elections.

“Here we are, 200,000 votes didn’t have the electoral commissioner’s signature or that of his agents’ signature and it was counted anyway; 400,000 votes were not verified, they were counted; 600,000 over-votes and one in every eight votes counted were invalid. These are the legitimate concerns we are raising,” he said.

“We are challenging the processes. This is what we are talking about. If we go to vote and 1.3 million invalid votes and we still are being told to sit down and let it pass, then we are really breaking down the foundation of the democracy that we have worked for and fought for,” he added.

The members of the group include, Abu Ramadan, Youth Organiser of the PNC, Atik Mohammed Policy Analyst for PNC, James Kwabena Bonfeh former Youth Organiser of the CPP and Ernest Owusu Bempah formerly of the NDC and now with the NDP.