Oyo ACN’s winning team

The current hoopla being raised by some elements calling for the disbanding of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) at executive levels in Oyo State is to say the least appalling and irritating . For what it is worth, the present crop of executive has, thus far, been effective in maintaining party unity, internal cohesion and internal democracy in the party. It is worthy of note to state that the ACN under the leadership of Chief Akin Oke, contrary to these irredentist elements, played a pivotal and very crucial role in midwifing the victory of Governor Ajimobi in the 2011 election.

Need we remind these naysayers that in the said election, our party could not secure a decisive victory even in Gov Ajimobi’s Ibadanland . Had it not been for the effectiveness of the party machinery in Chief Akin Oke’s homebase in Ogbomoso, inspite of what was universally acknowledged as the almost insurmountable odds, could the then sitting Governor (Akala) have lost the election ?

To set the record straight, in 2007 when Chief Alao-Akala was just a deputy governor with limited power and access to the state resources, he garnered over 195,000 votes from Ogbomoso zone alone to clinch the governorship mandate. Conversely , in the 2011 Election , after Alao Akala had not only served for four uninterrupted and politically active years as the governor, he, as incumbent governor and member of the maurading PDP, virtually presided over the 2011 Election exercise .Despite his overwhelming advantages, however, and contrary to his natural desire and expectations, Alao Akala’s vote tally from his Ogbomoso home base, but which also doubles as Akin Oke’s base was drastically reduced over 50% .If one may ask, what was Governor Ajimobi’s margin of victory over the then incumbent Gov Alao Akala in that election ?

If the Oke-led exco , along with others, worked so assiduously to snatch victory from the jaws of the defeat, should their reward be castigation and threats of removal? The Oke team secured the coveted crown for our party in the face of no-holds barred onslaught from a well-oiled competitor with almost unlimited power, patronage and huge state resource-based war chest and financial muscle. But even more importantly, a widely acknowledged dexterity ,willingness, effectiveness and courage and /or ruthlessness to deploy same, as evidenced, for instance, by the abduction of over 160 accredited ACN Party agents from their respective accredited polling units on the election day across Ogbomoso zone !

By these abductions, ACN was thus denied the service of the polling agents of numerous polling units, with obvious implications for the outcome of polling at the affected units .

It is a fact, that while almost every political party in the state has been bedevilled by one unending crisis or another , the Chief Akin Oke led exco has deepened cohesion in ACN and further continued to work on further popularising our party among the electorate . It is therefore a disgraceful act for some set of political scavengers and prostitutes who dubbed themselves’ Integrity Parliament’ to call for the disbandment of the exco. Such group that never existed before, or during elections, obviously do not even wish our party well. Otherwise, how can any rational mind situate their call for disbandment of our party’s team of winners ?

Differences of opinion are the norm in politics. However, when they do occur, matured, disciplined and loyal party members channel such for consideration by appropriate party organs, rather than seeking to bully and blackmail others into submission through issuance of libellous news releases and/or levying of jaundiced and unfounded accusations against otherwise respected organs of the party. One cannot but conclude that given the high level of embarrassment caused and the deep-seated animosity that these individuals have, by their actions, sought to engender in our party, serious disciplinary action must be considered against them.

Abdul Azeez Bolaji,

Chairman, The Progressive Mind, Ibadan