Tori for Pidgin: Ghana win while Niger no fit

Sports Features of Saturday, 26 January 2013

Source: Temisan Okomi

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Ghana don dey waka enta las eight small, small, and Niger don gada dia fess point for Nations Cup, as de futbal for South Africa dey do like Nollywood instead of beta American action film, on Thursday.

Nations Cup don reach ssix days, and de onli goal na penarity wey Ghana score, as dem waya Mali 1-kondo for inside Nelson Mandela bay Stadium for Port Elizabeth.

Even tho Niger and DR Congo no bin fit score any goal among demsef, for de second match, beta film still dey inside Group B, as dem dey prepia to play dia las match.

Ghana don dey gap everibodi for de group, as dem don gada four point out of de two match wey dem don play. Mali dey shadow dem for back wit three point, den DR Congo don colet two point and Niger be fess from back wit dia one point.

All of dem fit still enta las eight or carri dia bag waka comot from South Africa. Ghana go follow Niger play de las match on Monday for inside Port Elizabeth, and all man eye go opin well, well if Ghana no enta las eight.

Meanwilly, Mali and DR Congo go dey gbege demsef for de same time wey Ghana dey tackle Niger, onli say na for Durban dem go carri dia wahala reach. De two of dem; Mali and DR Congo, go dey feel say dem sef, fit enta las eight.

Beta gbege don set for Group B be dat.

Naija coachi, Stephen Keshi, don win Nations Cup wen hin dey still tap for Supa Eagus, and Zambia own, Herve Renard, win am las year; but de two of dem gree say dis Nations Cup be like say e wan tuff small, becos de small contri for Africa don dey catch de ogbonge one.

No be lie dem tok. Niger wey all man waya for las year Nations Cup, for follow Mali play draw for dia fess match dis year. E bin remain small. Dem vex small, come play DR Congo like say dem be mate.,/p>


Dem bin troway ogbonge chance to score DR Congo, wen Modibo Sidibe nack post wit hin shot wen he face Congo goalie, Robert Kidiaba.

DR Congo wey sabi Nations Cup well, well and come follow gada beta strika sef, come vex, and na two tines dia strika, Dieumerci Mbokani for don score sef.

De two tines wey he face Niger post, na Niger goalie, Daouda Kassaly stop am. Kassaly be like persin wey chop winch for de match. He catch faya. Mbokani dey tap hin club ball for Anderlecht, and no fit add anoda goal join de one he bin score Ghana wen dem play 2-2 draw.

”We no try. We suppose don dey front now. We musto gree say wen we no score dose two chance, we no play well,” na im DR Congo coachi, Claude Le Roy, yarn.

De las time wey Ghana win Nations cup na for 1982 and na dia numba four be dat. Since den, de waka don turn Israelite journey. Dis time sha, dem dey waka well afta dem waya Mali on Thursday.

All man bin sabi say de match no go easy for Ghana, sake of say, na Mali waya dem for las year Nations Cup, to carri third dat time, and de same Mali bin don waya Niger 1-kondo for dis Nations Cup.

Las, las, na de penarity wey Mubarak Wakaso bin score for 38 minit na im seperate fite.

Mubarak sef worry for de match. Afta he don score de penarity, he go carri hin jersey to show say he be beta Muslim. “Allah is Great” na im dey ontop de shirt wey he wear unda jersey. Ivory Coast refree, Noumandiez Doue, gi am yellow card sharp, sharp.

Futbal oga dem don tok, since, say nobodi suppose rite anytin wey dey show de kin god wey persin de follow, ontop hin shirt.

Meanwilly, hin bin colet yellow for hin fess match, so e mean say hin no go play Niger on Monday. He bin wound for de Mali match sef, so all dis one na moin-moin tok.

As all man eye dey enta Nelspruit on Friday, wen Zambia and Naija go shake ground for dia match, plus Burkina Faso go follow Ethiopia play sef, inside Group C wey opin like Alaba market, dis Nations Cup neva still catch faya sha.

Inside de 12 match wey we don see till now, seven play draw. Out of de seven sef, three na 0-0 draw. No contri don score pass two tines and onli South Africa don win wit score wey pass two.