CEPA Suggests Critical Look At New And Improved Tax Laws

The Executive Director of the Centre for policy Analysis, CEPA, Dr Joe Abbey has suggested that there is a critical need to look at new and improved tax laws to ensure that there is a fair distribution of mining minerals resources.

He said it is time for the country’s revenue mobilization to be taken seriously in order to solve the problems facing the country.

Dr. Abbey was reacting to statements made by the Minister designate for Finance, Seth Tekper when he was being vetted by the Parliamentary Vetting Committee.

On how to make good use of human resource, Dr Abbey said job creation must be a priority and it should not be left to government alone.

He said the private sector must be encouraged to employ more. Dr. Abbey also mentioned that now that the elections are over, the focus must be on educating workers to be part of the global economy in order to succeed.