20 houses demolished at Frafraha

Scores of people have been rendered homeless after over 20 houses in Gbentanaa at Central Frafraha in the Adenta Municipal Assembly were randomly demolished this morning.

According to residents of the area, the action was taken by one Nii Laryea who claims to have received an order from the court to reclaim the land.

The residents say they weren’t given prior notice before the demolition exercise. The obviously agitated residents claim they bought the land from the Frafraha Chief, hence their agitation as to why the said Nii Laryea should take that action.

Some residents who spoke to Citi News said they had nowhere to sleep for the night.

“They brought six bulldozers with about 40 policemen around 6 o’clock this morning. I begged and cried. They even stole my money from my house. I am going to sleep in the rain when it rains and the sun during the day.” One resident stated.

Another resident also claimed that the policemen arrested about three people because they questioned and protested the action of the police and the persons undertaking the demolition exercise.

“They slapped him and arrested one man because he was protesting. He claimed he had valid papers. The policeman said it was a court order so there was no need for him to challenge them.

They had teargas and a lot of guns.” Another resident told Citi News.

Another resident also said he was going to buy a gun so he challenges them when they come a second time whilst others also prayed for some compensation.

In an interview with Citi News, the Assemblyman of the area Nana Agyeman Duah says he learnt the exercise was undertaken after Nii Laryea secured a court action but also failed to tell the details of the action.

“I learnt the owners of the land decided to into a negotiation with the residents concerning the land. Some took advantage whilst others didn’t. That is why some houses where demolished whilst others weren’t. It’s a judicial issue. The assembly wasn’t notified so by Sunday, we should be able to come out with the facts and see how best we can resolve this issue.” He said.

Meanwhile the MP of the Adentan Constituency Emmanuel Nii Ashimoore who was at the scene after the exercise says he is going to launch an investigation into the exercise.

He however indicated that the National Disaster Management organization; NADMO will be going to the aid of the residents.

“We need to start and investigations into this and also talk to the police commander who authorized police supervision. I will be arranging a meeting with the residents on Sunday so we see how best we can resolve this issue.” he stated.