Let’s Help Fight Fraud and Corruption in the Country

Hector Boham

Hector Boham

The President of Corruption and Fraud Audit Consortium (CAFAC), Hector Boham has called on government, organizations and stakeholders to help fight fraud and corruption in the country.

He said the country must stop discussing issues on fraud and corruption but research thoroughly to find solutions to them.

He made the remarks during the organization’s inauguration and enrollment conference on Saturday at the University of Ghana Business School.

CAFAC, an anti-corruption organization, also serves as a school for students, who are trained to become fraud examiners.

Mr. Hector, a Ghanaian based in the US, stated that his organization was ready to train graduates.

He stated that the oil and gas industry is new in the country, stressing that if care was not taken, the country would suffer similar challenges facing   Nigeri.

‘ I want my organization to start training oil and gas accountants and auditors, who know what it is to fight fraud so that as our revenues start increasing, these professionals will protect our revenues and prevent them from being sent abroad and into the pockets of private individuals,’ he added.

Professor Kwame A. Domfeh, the Dean of UGBS, during his keynote address, commended Mr. Boham for his dedication to fighting fraud and protecting the rights of Ghanaians.

Mr. Boham, in his closing remarks, appealed to organizations and stakeholders to implement their ideas.

By Emmanuel Britwum