"I Killed My Girlfriend" (PHOTO)

Francis Agbemenya, 37, has admitted to killing his ex-lover, Beatrice Enyonam Lawertey at Apremdo near Takoradi last Saturday.

Supt. Ayamga Akologo Yakubu, Kwesimintsim District Police Commander, who disclosed this to the Daily Guide newspaper, indicated that the purported murderer confessed to killing his ex-lover when the police interrogated him.

According to the Police Commander, Agbemenya, explained that a day before the incident, he (the suspect) saw Beatrice standing somewhere with another man in the Apremdo area and got furious.

The suspect said on that fateful Saturday he confronted Beatrice, an orange seller, at her house and a quarrel ensued between them. In the process, he picked two of the knives used by the deceased to peel her oranges, to kill her.

However, when the suspected murderer appeared before the Sekondi District Court yesterday, he gave a different explanation but admitted to killing Beatrice.

He told the court that on Friday January 18, at about 4:00 pm, he was riding a bicycle in the Apremdo area when he saw Beatrice standing with a man in front of a hotel while their two-year-old son was walking about on the street.

“So I confronted Beatrice the following day and questioned her why she should allow the little boy to loiter about in the area and instead of talking care of him, she was moving about with other men,” he alleged.

Agbemenya narrated that a quarrel ensued between them and during the exchanges, Beatrice picked the knives and tried to stab him, but he overpowered her and got hold of the knives and used them to kill her.

The court, presided over by Kwame Polley, then remanded the suspect into police custody to reappear on February 7, 2013, to allow the police gather more facts.

Giving a brief fact of the case, Sgt. Godwin Bawa told the court that about two years ago, Agbemenya fell in love with the deceased and they stayed together in Beatrice’s room. The couple had a son who is now two years old.

He said since the suspect was subjecting the deceased to severe beating, Beatrice’s family members ejected Agbemenya from the deceased’s room.

The suspect then went and rented a kiosk adjacent the deceased’s house but still paid her visits because he had a child with her.

The prosecutor noted that on January 19, 2013, at about 8:00 am, the suspect visited the deceased in the morning and the deceased demanded money from him but Agbemenya refused to give Beatrice the money.

In the process a misunderstanding ensued between them and so Agbemenya went away. On the same day at about 2:00 pm, the suspect went to the deceased’s room again when nobody was in the house and the deceased was deeply asleep.

The suspect then picked the deceased’s two knives which he had earlier asked one of his sons, Joseph Agbemenya, to sharpen for him, and used them to slash the throat of Beatrice.

Sgt. Bawa indicated that Agbemenya nearly severed the body of the deceased and bolted. The suspect’s son, one Kakra, later went into the deceased’s room and found her lying dead in a pool of blood.

He then raised the alarm which attracted the whole neighbourhood to the scene, and a formal complaint was lodged with the police.

On January 21, 2013, at about 4:30 pm, the suspect resurfaced and was attacked by an angry mob made up of the townsfolk and he was nearly lynched.

The prosecutor said the suspect managed to escape to the 2BN military gate at Apremdo and was later handed over to the police. After investigations, he was provisionally charged with the offence, adding that “the case is still under investigation”.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Sekondi