Mass nostalgia in the aftermath of an All-die-be-die ignominy

Mass nostalgia in the aftermath of an All-die-be-die ignominy

Nana Akufo-Addo (middle), Dr Bawumia (left), and some party stalwarts

For a party whose eight-year rule showcased politics as the most lucrative venture in Ghana, one can only understand why they very much relish the “return” of those days. There were days in Ghana when wealth was abound at the seat of government and at every level of political officialdom; I don’t infer that it is different today but it certainly started with the NPP.

We witnessed ministers, MMDCEs and other appointees under the Rawlings regime suddenly become paupers whiles their counterparts under the NPP became fabulous overnight and to those interested in the evidence I refer them to JAK and Haruna Esseku: the only reason I failed to use corruption is simply that I have no hard evidence but for me the most corrupt is not the convict, but the one who outmaneuvers the law. With this in mind one begins to wonder if any political party was more vigilant at the various polling stations and collation centers than the party which charged its supporters not to leave the polling stations after voting, the New Patriotic Party.

The 2012 elections was supposed to be the most credible elections ever conducted within this fourth republic of our democracy but in a matter of fairness let’s not be that quick till we hear the verdict of the Supreme Court. The NPP has raised some red flags regarding how the EC figures were collated and seem very convinced that those anomalies when considered at the Supreme Court will annul the EC declaration of John Dramani Mahama as president elect.

We have almost forgotten that in 2008 figures in the Ashanti Region swelled so much that some constituencies recorded very outrageous voter turnouts in excess of 94 per cent [Nhyiaesu, Bantama, Kwadaso, Suame, Manhyia] and yet those who are crying foul today assume an aloof posture when mention is made of irregularities in the 2004/2008 elections when they were incumbents; it is indeed funny when the elephant sees an umbrella and cries wolf!

When we finally thought the NPP [and I use NPP here more reservedly since I do not believe that such actions reflect the true collective stance of the average NPP member], got the evidence to back their famous “fraud and rigging” case, we were let down as what they claimed was gargantuan evidence only turned out to be irregularities arising. Though one cannot fault them on taking irregularities to court, one wonders why the NPP were crying wolf when there wasn’t any, knowing that same irregularities were more rampant during the two elections under their eight-year rule.

If the NPP had a genuine case, their conduct would not have been this awkward. We all remember when Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie [Sir John], the general Secretary of the NPP “declared” the results claiming the NPP had won by 53% and one will like to know if their so called evidence is consistent with that desperate conduct of sore losers.

What is even laughable is the devilish and indecent quest of the NPP to disenfranchise 1,340,018 Ghanaians in order that a selfish candidate, whose party only managed to win in two out of ten regions with a wretched minority in parliament (including none in two regions), take over the realms of our affairs as Ghanaians. For all intends and purposes, what the NPP is seeking is not justice, it is injustice. The thought that the supreme court will set aside the will of over a million voters to satisfy the will of Nana Akuffo Addo, will be one interesting manifestation in our Judicial history. It is becoming clear that the NPP leadership are wet dreamers who tickle themselves and their unsuspecting supporters with this Supreme Court case for political excitement.

It is much evident that the real reasons for this court case is not to overturn a declared result but to ensure political relevance for Nana and most importantly that a certain mafia avoids politically extinction. It appears, and is indeed so, that some politicians within the NPP will become very redundant should the leadership of the party go to someone other than Akuffo Addo and for this group Nana Addo’s defeat is more of a heartache to them than Nana himself.

What may not sound clear to the average Ghanaian is the sharp divisions and mutual suspicions within the NPP but those divisions are very real and it appears the “Kyebi Mafia” have exhausted their chance. Their leader has not only been given two wasted chances already but has also advanced in age and it is becoming more than obvious that he will not be the choice of many within the NPP come 2016. Assuming the court case travels into 2014 by which time the NPP will be preparing to elect a flag bearer, this mafia will then have a desperately needed “solid case” for their darling candidate.

The NPP may assign millions of external reasons for their defeat but the fact remains that their problem is within. The NPP must admit that they had a candidate whose voter appeal did not cross the minds of the undecided. Akuffo Addo seems to be a great man only in the ranks of the NPP but his external outlook is so deficient to equal the likes of Prof. Atta Mills and H.E John Dramani Mahama and what he needed to seal it all was his rather embarrassing “ALL DIE BE DIE” comments which he has, not surprisingly, defended with his life.

His “perceived” arrogance is solidly embedded in his “romantic voice” and those who think he will make it in a third chance should know that we are dealing with a man whose “simulated voice” and domineering conduct does not attract sympathy. What is more is the seeming acuity that the NPP is an Ashanti/Akyem (not Akan) party which the party has worked so hard to prove right. The mere fact that they choose a northerner as running mate does not erode this impression as the NPP largely view other minority groups as secondary Ghanaians.

I have personally tasted defeat and the little said about it the better. It takes humility and greater maturity to see the opportunity defeat offers; a time to reflect and re-strategize. For a party that was determined to win at all cost, defeat could have devastating consequences but giving your supporters some false optimism that they will wake up soon to witness the swearing in of their candidate as President is empty fascination that could turn out as suicide for the elephant. Defeat is painful, the NPP has lost yet another election and its followers must get used to it or a series of loses await them. Long live Ghana.

Hon. Noah Ben Azure
MP, Binduri Constituency
[email protected]