Abudu youths threaten to go against Military order

Abudu youths threaten to go against Military order

Abudu youth are determined to go ahead with their planned rehearsal for the Damba festival tonight despite a warning by police against the move.

They claim some soldiers disrupted their rehearsal last night and are planning to repeat it tonight.

Spokesperson for the Bole Lanaa, Abdallah Sadiq suspects political motive and says they will resist any attempt to intimidate them.

Mr. Sadiq told Joy News they are unwilling to officially inform the police of the celebration because it will be used to secure a court injunction against them.

“A number of military came in with guns and big canes. They went and surrounded the place,” he alleged.

He said the military threatened to cane the Abudu Youth if they went ahead with the training.

He dismissed assertions that there will be chaos if they went ahead to celebrate the festivals, adding they had celebrated another festival which was peaceful and the Damba festival will be no different.

He said they are ready to die, if the military went ahead with the threats to stop them from celebrating the festival.

Meanwhile, Yendi Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Cephas Bediako, says they are ready to offer protection if the group notifies them.