Lagos won’t go back on traffic law

A GOVERNMENT source has refuted the rumour in the public domain over the weekend that Lagos State was making plans to reverse the traffic law that banned commercial motorcyclists from over 470 major roads in the state.

The Guardian learnt that just those in the business, the riders and passengers staged the news so as to get the state government’s reaction on the law. A source in the Lagos State Task Force in charge of monitoring and enforcement of the law, told The Guardian that the government has no plan to go back on the law that was already enacted because judgment over it was based on reports of accidents and crimes being committed through that means.


According to the source, “at a time government is trying to ensure total control of the riders and when over 6,000 motorcycles have been seized on those banned routes, it would be impossible for it to reverse the law.

“Casualties from motorcycle accidents has drastically decreased and the only factor responsible for that result is the traffic law introduced by Lagos State.”