Kwaw Kese reshoots ‘Let Me Do My Thing’ music video

It’s good to be Kwaw Kese, because this ‘mad rapper’ boy is living it up and an expert at what he does.

At least that’s what it looks like in the young superstar’s ‘Let Me Do My Thing’ new video, the Black Prophet featured single off his album, “Shoot To Kill”, drops in a week time.

We’re still a couple of days from seeing the video drop, but the hiphop rapper did unleash some cool behind the scenes footage.

In the behind the scenes pictures sent to Ghana from Kwaw Kese, we see Kwaw Kese and Black Prophet kicking on it jet ski with some beautiful thong-wearing women.

Then, we see also see Kwaw and Prophet partying in a big mansion.

It is not known why Kwaw Kese is shooting the video again but this video looks like it’s gonna be epic.