Enterprise Bank boss restates need for discipline, good mgt

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Bank Limited (EBL), Mallam Ahmed Kuru has described high moral values, efficient management, service discipline and culture change in both the public and private sectors of the Nigeria’s socio-political and economic landscape as the panacea for stable growth.

Kuru, who spoke recently at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) venue of the 28th Omolayole Management Lecture series themed “The future of enterprise in the age of collaboration,” said although it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to achieve these virtues collectively and individually, there was no better value the leaders can bequeath to the younger generation in the country than to leave them with the legacies of efficiency of management, quality service, discipline and high moral values.

He said all over the world, countries that have experienced and are still going through impressive economic, social and political growths, transparent and sincere leadership styles at all levels as well as high moral standards are those that realised that low moralism, poor knowledge, bad leadership or management structures, indiscipline and poor service standards among other vices are not the bedrock for building a stable and programme economy.

To achieve this in Nigeria, Kuru said there was urgent need to positively collaborate with other nations with the view to leveraging their advantages and approaching every endeavour from the perspective of enterprise, which he defined as the ability to think of new project ideas and turn them into successful ventures.

The Enterprise Bank boss added, “The primary purpose of establishing an enterprise in the first place is to create value through the production of goods or services that satisfy both domestic consumption and export earnings.  Besides profit generation for key stakeholders, a successful enterprise is vital to achieving national aspirations in diverse ways: job creation in the economy and employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed, improved living standards of the people, contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth-rates and wealth creation needs.”

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