Mr. President Must Watch His Food & Drinks

Feature Article of Friday, 18 January 2013

Columnist: Ghana Daily


Editorial Monitoring Desk

If many people are given the full facts on what actually killed former President Atta Mills, there will surely be the considered opinion that current President John Dramani Mahama must be careful with his food and drinks.

Should security and intelligence operatives also give the go-ahead for sensitive information to be published raw, the people around the presidency ought to be watched carefully.

Your authoritative Ghana Daily has intercepted the database from the computer of a foreign intelligence operative that details undercover work to the effect that your former Ghanaian President Prof. John Evans Atta Mills did not die from a so-called hogwash of a “throat cancer”.

This intelligence operative recently played major roles ‘in air and on land’ leading to the overthrow of former Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo.

The contents of his high-sensitive laptop computer which editors of this paper perused provide useful lessons for any occupant of the seat of the Presidency of the Republic of Ghana.

President John Mahama must as a matter of urgency, take drastic and counter responsive steps to make sure his food, tea and other drinkables are protected. We cannot reveal to him how he can do this, he knows best.

He must break that arrangement in the past that a so-called nephew prepares food at home and brings it to the Castle.

According to intelligence information, every worker at the Presidency must be monitored with an acute-eyed angle.

It is important that the lodging place of a visiting Ghanaian President outside the country should be cordoned off with the state-of-the-art modern intelligence strategies.

Ghana Daily checks at the State Department reveal that proper intelligence mechanisms are taken to protect the food, drinks and sleeping place of any American President or high official traveling overseas.

In most covert and overt operations world-wide to get rid of ideological and foreign policy opponents, a sweet-scented but poisonous and dangerous perfume is diffused in their rooms.

Since President Mahama is on record to have openly justified his preference for dealings with Communist China, he must know that ideological opponents against the Asia giants desperately craving for world superiority will definitely be baying for his blood.

The results from the December 7th and 8th elections strongly suggest that President Mahama is loved by many including a sizeable chunk of floating voters on his ability to provide access to basic social amenities and provide good governance.

It is therefore necessary for President Mahama to know that Ghanaians love him more than he loves himself. He must therefore take steps to protect his life and government.

Source: Ghana Daily newspaper