Fulanis leave Ghana

Some Fulanis in Sapeliga who had early on refused to be repatriated have voluntarily left Sapeliga to their native Burkina Faso.

The Fulani’s fled from Burkina Faso to Ghana after conflicts in their hometown.

Some agreed to be repatriated while others declined to go home.

Speaking to Citi News, the Zebila Police commander DSP Christian Dogbatse said almost all the Fulanis have left.

“Since the last official evacuation conducted, where the conflict happened and where they are being camped presently in Burkina Faso and Sapeliga where they sought refuge is about 18km which is not far,” he stated.

DSP Dogbatse further disclosed, “most of them after accepting the security situation back at home decided to go back on their own. As at now, most of them have left. You will not find them in the houses they used to reside in as the landlords say they have moved out”.