Footprint TV, Ghana’s No. 1 christain show

Footprint TV is Ghana’s Number 1 Christian educative and entertaining TV show that reveals the entertaining side of the body of Christ which is the church and aims at creating a positive youth movement by educating the youth on various issues that can solve Ghana’s increasing quest for youth empowerment.

The show does not seek to only entertain but also educate the entire human race on the provoking and challenging issues affecting the 21st century youth and providing possible solutions.

The concept of the show is categorized into three basic segments, detailed below.

The Fun side segment focuses on entertainment aspects of church life. For example, Christian concerts, theatre shows, and Christian festivals, etc.

This segment also promotes Christian events, encourages the general public to patronize such events and also serves as the only platform for a recap of Christian events missed.

The artiste profile segment constitutes interviews with top gospel artist both local and international. The segment focus on the life of gospel artiste with regards to what people and publicly know about them. They also share words of encouragement with young ones as to what it takes to become like them.

My Footprint TV picks on relevant issues facing young people in Ghana and seeks the view of some pastors, Christian professionals and season men of God to advise the youth on the right way of living as Christians. In this segment, several principles are discussed which transcend issues that the youth tend.

FOOTPRINT POOLSIDE PRAISE is an unconventional Christian entertainment event geared towards projecting fresh gospel music talent with the drive to cause a paradigm shift in the Ghanaian gospel music industry.

Aside the first-of-its-kind concept of bringing to a common platform, longstanding and fast- rising Ghanaian gospel celebrities, the event was creatively crafted to make the unsung share in the ceremonial spotlight of the Predecessors’ on whose footprint they were expected to leverage on for greater exploits. The event unveiled a new phase of Christian entertainment that promotes and preserves the Ghanaian Christian culture through education and entertainment.

FOOTPRINT PRAISE PARTY is another ground breaking concert introduced by Footprint TV. It’s a 2 hours concert which featured gospel artists who are making positive impact in this generation. We believe music can be a powerful tool for a life of deep intimacy with Jesus and our drive is to reveal Jesus to churches & individuals through creative musical expression.

As part of itssocial responsibility, we embarked on a free health screening exercise on the same day of the event. We believe that in order to praise God one must be healthy in body, soul and spirit.