NFF steps down bogus bonuses for Eagles

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) are broke and have therefore been forced to put aside proposed enhanced win bonuses for the AFCON.

Head of NFF finance committee Shehu Adamu informed that there would be no added incentives for the Super Eagles to win the Nations Cup.

Adamu said that the football house would maintain the regular win bonus of $10,000 and $5,000 for draw in South Africa

”We are not preparing anything special as incentives for the Eagles. It’s the regular bonus they would get,” Adamu disclosed.

The NFF had proposed huge bonuses that would have gone for as much as $30,000-a-man for a win in the AFCON final.

Such is the financial constraints facing the NFF that they have been forced to borrow cash for the country’s AFCON campaign after a Lagos court froze their accounts over a contractual dispute with Minaj Television.

The budget approved by the government for the Nations Cup has yet to be released to the NFF two days to the big AFCON kick-off in Johannesburg despite assurances from top sports ministry officials.

”We are yet to receive the money for the Nations Cup and this has slowed down a lot of plans for the tournament,” a top official lamented.

“We are not even sure when the money would be released. We are only hopeful that it would come in on time to avoid hiccups at the games in South Africa.”

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