Flimsy excuse by Asem on why Kwabena Kwabena missed the "Bye Bye" Video

Entertainment of Friday, 18 January 2013

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah-Peacefmonline-Ghana


The most anticipated music video for Asem’s smash hit song “Bye Bye” which features silky voiced Kwabena Kwabena from his “Solid Ground” album has finally been released.

The video which hit the internet yesterday is without the face of Singer Kwabena Kwabena whose voice on the chorus is obviously what made the song as big as it is now, aside Asem’s prolific rap lines.

After the video was released, fans of Asem and critics have expressed their disappointment for the fact that Kwabena Kwabena is conspicuous missing in the video, shot on location in Paris and Directed by two London based companies 233 Productions and Lost Boyz Films.

The absence of Kwabena Kwabena has indeed taken away the beauty of the video because his voice runs through the song from the beginning to end and his lines are the most memorable in the song, yet in the video its Asem’s face that is seen on Kwabena’s voice and at some point Asem even sings Kwabena Kwabena’s part.

The all-time classic song produced by Kaywa is one of the biggest hits in 2012 and the favorite of many especially the ladies but the video may affect the popularity of the song.

When Peacefmonline.com contact Asem to find out why Kwabena Kwabena was not featured in the video, Asem said the time the video was shot and the location could not meet Kwabena Kwabena’s schedule perhaps due some engagement he had during the election period among other circumstances beyond control so he had no choice than to shoot without him.

Asem agrees that off course it would have been nice and proper if Kwabena Kwabena was in the video he however, added that circumstances made it quite difficult but “I like the outcome of the video and its simplicity because it cuts across Africa and beyond”, Asem said.

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