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Woman slices man’s scrotum

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Woman slices man's scrotum

An Ashaiman resident, Prince Tetteh, Wednesday narrated to Daily Guide how he was rushed to the Tenia General Hospital after his scrotum was subjected to vicious attack by a female co-tenant of their house at Valco Flat, an Ashaiman suburb.

According to Prince, the whole incident happened so fast he could hardly tell what was used by his attacker, except to say that she used a sharp object to slice his scrotum after a quarrel that ensued between them.

Narrating his ordeal to this paper in his room at Ashaiman, Prince said he and his attacker were not on talking terms when the incident occurred. The said woman, according to the victim, moved into one of the rented rooms in the same house he lived with other tenants, adding that he was a private person who hardly stayed at home.

Prince continued that few months after the attacker moved into the house, his mobile phone was stolen by a male tenant who later confessed to the crime and pleaded for time to purchase a new one to replace the stolen one instead of the case being sent to the police.

“This lady (referring to his attacker) pleaded with me to forgive the guy who stole my phone. I told her that I could not do that since it will cost me so much to acquire a new one. I realized later that she did not take kindly to my refusal to give in to her plea to forgive the guy,” he remarked.

According to him, that was the last time she ever talked to him until the day she sliced his scrotum.

Prince, a welder by profession, stated that on January 1, 2013, he quickly rushed home when he realized there was power cut in his area to ensure that everything was fine in his room, as he was not sure what gadget might go faulty when power was restored.

“Just as I entered the house I saw some people who told me they had come to see my landlord over some issues. I quickly directed them to his room and went into mine. Moments later I heard my attacker verbally assaulting me in the compound of the house without any provocation,” he noted.

He said he rushed out of his room to confront her; something which later generated into a quarrel between the two of them compelling other residents to come out and separate them. He pointed out that he later went back into his room and picked something and was about to go back to work.

I guess she might have prepared with whatever she used in slicing my scrotum and waited for me around the entrance of my room. Just as I stepped out of my room, she run towards me and used the sharp object to cut open my scrotum after” which she went back into her room,” Prince recalled.

Prince who said he is not married but lives with his little daughter said “initially I did not feel anything until I looked down and realized blood was oozing from my genital. It was at this point that I began to feel the pain. I immediately called my mum who is not far from where I live and together we went to the Tema General Hospital, where I was operated upon and discharged four hours later.”

Asked if he had reported the incident to the police, Prince replied in the affirmative and quickly added that he later withdrew it because a prominent person in the area had persuaded him to do so with a promise that the matter would be resolved amicably.

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