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“The NPP are fighting their own battle”, says a Pastor

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Feature Article of Thursday, 17 January 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

How simplistic it is for a pastor to assert that the NPP contrary to their electioneering slogan, (the battle is the Lord’s) are now fighting their own battle? The pastor sees the NPP’s effort to ensure justice is done to the people of Ghana by petitioning the Supreme Court on the alleged election fraud, as an act of disobedience to God. To him, the NPP should have left everything as it now stands. He believes God has already fought and won the battle, but rather for the NDC and John Dramani Mahama if truly and indeed, the NPP believe in their campaign theme.

I wonder from which bible the pastor is preaching the discerning Ghanaians. Does the NPP leadership taking John Mahama and Dr. Afari-Gyan to court not constitute the continuous fight by God to liberate Ghanaians from the shackles of NDC lawlessness, incompetence and unprecedented gargantuan corruption?

Let me state without mincing words that whoever the pastor is, be he a rented agent of NDC, an apostle of the Devil or a servant of God, he has got his interpretations of “the battle is the Lord’s” completely wrong. Gone are those days when man woke up early in the morning to find manna rained or dropped from the Sky by God and only have to collect them to eat. That era of spoon-feeding is gone and gone forever.

After the days of manna until today, God requires of human beings the execution of certain tasks when He through grace, and by your faith, is giving you something or bestowing on you a favour of whatever sort. Even though God was always fighting the battles of the Israelites for them, He would ask them to carry the Ark of God before them. He would also ask the Israelites to go to war, promised them He was with them at their battles. Why would He not command the enemies of the Israelites to die without the need for physical battle? Has the pastor forgotten about how the wall of Jericho collapsed? Did God not tell the Israelites He had delivered their enemies into their hands but required of them a duty beforehand? What was that duty and why did He task them to do that? This is an enigma for all curious minds. It is also homework for my readers and all Ghanaians to find out what did the Israelites on command by God before the walls of Jericho collapsed. Why did God not stay in Heaven to command the knocking down of the walls of Jericho without necessarily asking for human (Israelites) intervention?

In the same manner, that God asked of the Israelites performance of certain duties prior to the manifestation of His purpose for them, so is He today directing the leadership of the NPP to go to the Supreme Court to realise His purpose for Ghana.

This is just a rebuttal to put the pastor (name withheld) on correct footing. He should go back and read to understand his bible before he comes back again. I am sick and tired of seeing any Tom, Dick and Harry endeavouring to throw the NPP and the good people of Ghana off course. All that we are pursuing is justice, but nothing else.

Corruption is so endemic in the Ghanaian society that it will take a concerted effort to fight it. Any individual’s onslaught at it single-handedly will be as hopeless as fetching water from the riverside in a raffia basket. I therefore call on all good Ghanaians to rally support for the NPP to succeed in their attempt to expose the irregularities and utter fraud that took place during Election 2012 in favour of John Dramani Mahama. All peace advocates without the love for justice should please give me a break.

I ADVISE NPP AND ALL DISCERNING GHANAIANS TO REMAIN RESOLUTE AS REVEALED IN A DREAM TO ONE KOFI BASOAH OF ASANTE-JUABEN. This is the only way to win the liberation battle against the powers of evil.

Rockson Adofo

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