Tain NPP executive rubbishes the party’s court action

Tain NPP executive rubbishes the party’s court action

The Communications Director of the NPP in the Tain Constituency, Charles Akowuah-Tuffuor is asking the party to get out of court and focus on the 2016 elections because their evidence is not enough to change the election results.

Mr. Akowuah-Tuffuor told Adom News NPP’s loss was largely because of the poor performance of its polling agents and other party officers on the grounds during the elections, adding that the party executives are only giving the members and supporters false hopes with their court action.

The NPP Flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, his running mate, Dr. Mamudu Bawumia and party Chairman Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey are in court challenging the 2012 presidential results.

The three have sued the Electoral Commission for allegedly supervising electoral irregularities, and sued President John Mahama for allegedly being the main beneficiary of those irregularities.

They have presented documents to support the alleged irregularities in some 38 constituencies, claiming that those hitches led to the addition of over 1.3million votes to the presidential results, most of which allegedly went in favour of President Mahama.

But Charles Akowuah-Tuffuor said his party leadership’s court action has no merit and it is a waste of everybody’s time because it lacks the substance to make any difference in the election results.

“They are only seeking the interest of one or two people in the party at the expense of the rank and file,” he said.

He argued that the court action is doing more harm than good to lots of young NPP supporters, who have been given the false hope that Nana Addo will be president in the next two months, so they are sitting by and waiting for him to become president and give them jobs.

“I think we should accept the results and focus our energies on winning the 2016 elections so that the youth can use their skills for something better than sitting by and waiting,” he said.

The Tain NPP Communication Director also criticized party General Secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John) for rushing to hold a press conference without proper consultation, and telling the world NPP had won the elections even though vote counting was then not over.

Charles Akowuah-Tuffuor said moves like the one by the party’s General Secretary rather contributed to lack of vigilance that made the NDC win, because NPP officers on the ground relaxed after Sir John announced they had won.

But the Brong-Ahafo Regional Chairman of the NPP, Haruna Gafsiru said he is surprised at Akuako’s stance on the court case because majority of the party supporters believe there is merit in the NPP’s move.

He said Akowuah-Tuffuor is free to express himself as democracy allows, but he would have thought that he (Akowuah-Tuffuor) would have made his case to the hierarchy of the party instead of going public to condemn the court action.

Deputy Communication Director of the NPP, Sammy Awuku said Akowuah-Tuffuor is only one person and he does not speak for the millions of Ghanaians who voted for Nana Addo, adding that the court action is necessary for posterity sake.

NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketiah is asking for protection for Akowuah-Tuffuor because his statement could attract attacks on him by his party members, but NPP stalwart Nana Obiri Boahene has said no NPP members would attack Akowuah-Tuffuor because the party believes in free speech “which is part of the beauty of democracy”.