Pep Guardiola: I’ve missed the game

FIFA :    On 7 January this year in Zurich, Pep Guardiola told a press conference what many in football were very keen to hear: that after over six months out of the professional game, he was ready to make his return.

Just minutes after he made that statement, before news broke that Guardiola would go on to take the reins at Bayern Munich, had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with the former Barcelona coach.

And though the German giants did not come up for discussion, the former midfield metronome did touch on a range of issues, including his immediate future, his prerequisites for accepting a new role and his time away from the dugout. Pep, you’re now a regular at the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala, even though you have been out of the professional game for some time prior to this year’s edition. What’s your feeling about this kind of event?
Pep Guardiola: Well, you don’t become a coach just so you can come to events like this, but it is an honour and a source of pride to be here for the third consecutive year. But by no means does it make you think you have a right to all this or that you’re better than anyone else. I was simply fortunate enough to be in charge of a very good team and that gave me the opportunity to be here.