Meet Kwaku Bonsam & Lover in New York

Entertainment of Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Source: News-One

Bonsam Newyork

Sensational fetish priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam has not been in the news for some time now and after combing all his shrines in search of him, NEWS-ONE has fished him out from a hideout in Bronx, New York, where he is blowing time with the love of his life, Gertrude, a pretty-faced London-based Ghanaian studying at the University of Greenwich.

Another interesting thing about Bonsam’s presence in New York is that he is taking time to undergo some minor surgery on portions of his scared-face after he got involved in gas accident as far back as 1986.

“Oh Naaaaa, I am not changing my face because of the cold here, I felt some pains on the burnt part of my face and I went for a review and was asked to do surgery on the part I felt the pain.

I have done the first two and it is left with the last one,” Bonsam told NEWS-ONE in a telephone interview when the paper asked him whether Ghanaians should expect him back with a new face.

The fetish priest said he was also taking time to ‘cool off’ a bit and undertake a retrospective analysis of his life and calling.

“Remember I have a following here too so it is not wrong to come see them and learn more things about life and the type of things I am involved in.

In Ghana, some people do not understand me and they think I should say only what they want to hear.

“Go and search the internet and you would be surprised at the insults I had when I said in August 2012 that the ‘All Die Be Die’ Nana Addo was saying was not helping him and that if he does not withdraw that statement, he would not become President. People even called me stupid and I realized many, many, many people do not understand spiritual matters. But you just search it on the net and see if I am speaking the truth or not,” Bonsam noted.

Bonsam said he was also using his time in New York to visit various groups and institutions and speak to them about African traditions and religious practices.

“Oh I am enjoying New York. The people are friendly and they value what I do. But I would be in Ghana before Easter,” Bonsam added.