NPP Must Give Us A Break

Feature Article of Monday, 14 January 2013

Columnist: Adjei-Ntiedu, Jonas

Statement: Npp Must Give Us A Break

Since the Dec 9 Declaration of Prez. Mahama as President of the Republic of Ghana by the Electoral Commision (EC) a lot has happened in this country. The main Opposition Party, The New Patriotic Party(NPP) greatly disagrees with the EC’s declaration. Other actors in the electioneering game have also admitted to some hitches/irregularities witnessed during the last general polls. The New Patriotic Party(NPP), following the provisions of the 1992 Constitution and other laid down rights have petitioned the Highest Court of the Land, Supreme Court. This effort we greatly admire of them. However, it looks as if the commendations the all and sundry are heaping on the NPP appears to be rather short-lived. Recent action/inactions by the party put them on the spot for criticisms.

The Outlaw Citizens Of Ghana(OCOG), has keenly monitored the political landscape and are bashing the main Opposition Party in the country. First, the action to petition the Supreme Court of the land is a good one. The NPP MUST REFRAIN FROM AUGUING THEIR CASE OUT IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION. It is a known convention that it is contemptuous of courts and their proceedings to make public discussions on/about a case pending before the courts. So far, at least two (2) press conferences have been held by the NPP since filing their petition. The Outlaw Citizens of Ghana (OCOG) finds this development in bad taste and entreat the NPP, their agents/servants/assigns to desist from it. Secondly, the throwing of invectives, the casting of aspersions, and negatively branding people who seem to cross the path of the NPP and their 2012 flagbearer, Nana Addo is most worrying. Since December, good people of public standing have had their fair share of NPP attacks. Dr. Afari Gyan, Prez. Mahama, Mr, Wireku Brobbey, President Yayi Bonni of Bennin,etc, have all had their fair share of unpleasant attacks from the rank and file of the party. That is bad. Even Ex-Prez Kuffuour had a torrid time explaining to the Young Patriot why he had to be at Prez Mahama’s inauguration. Where are we heading to as a country with this kind of happenings? The NPP must understand that people have a right to disagree with their line of action, but the sacred facts lies in the bossom of the courts.

Thirdly, we were taken aback upon hearing that the NPP raised doubts on Justice Atubuga last week when the court was about to hear the motion to be joined by the NDC in the NPP Suit. Since when did anyone dared to question the neutrality of a Supreme Court Judge in the country? That Justice Atuguba is related to an appointee of Prez Mahama is not enough grounds to doubt any judge’s neutrality. All of us are related to one another , we don’t think that the NPP will be happy should the NDC or any of the defendants raise doubts over a judge the NPP is comfortable working with.

The NPP MUST FOCUS THEIR ATTENTION ON THE LEGAL SUIT AND NOTHING ELSE. They should stop seeking public sympathy on their electoral grievances especially in the media. Again, media outlets, ESPECIALLY THE ELECTRONIC MEDIA must stop discussing on this court matter ASAP

God Bless us all!!! God Bless our Motherland Ghana and make us strong!!


Jonas Adjei-Ntiedu

(, Chairman)