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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Accra Mayor, Kofi Kapito cross fire over street hawking

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Accra Mayor, Kofi Kapito cross fire over street hawking
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Alfred Vanderpuiye

The war against street hawking which is hardly won by city authorities has culminated in hostile exchanges between Accra Mayor, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije and Consumer Protection Advocate Kofi Kapito on Joy FM.

Kofi Kapito accused the mayor of failing to be proactive in fighting what has become a yearly ritual in Ghana.

His criticism follows a directive by the AMA for all traders to vacate the streets and move into the markets.

Even though he supported the action by the AMA, Kofi Kapito accused the mayor and his officials of adopting a fire fighting approach in dealing with the matter.

He said for too long and in many cases, the AMA sat back and allowed the situation to deteriorate before deciding to take action.

He cited an example in Achimota, Accra, where a single hawker settled close to the bridge but without the necessary monitoring, the place had been turned into a hawkers paradise.

Kofi Kapito also cited examples in the US, where Alfred Mayor lived prior to his appointment as Mayor, saying in the US the mayors do not wait for things to get out hand before attempting to solve them.

“In Ghana we wait, wait and start to cry foul. What is wrong with us?” he queried.

He challenged the Mayor to provide details of the trash cans he has provided for refuse in Accra.

But the Accra Mayor, Alfred Vanderpuije was unimpressed with the outburst by the Consumer Protection Advocate.

In equal measure, he told Joy News’ Francis Abban, “I don’t have the time to engage people like Mr Kofi Kapito in a discussion that is not going anywhere.”

“Mr Kapito needs to get real. The situation of hawkers being on the streets is not a matter that started yesterday.

“He should not behave like somebody who has come from the moon to Accra yesterday,” he said.

According to him, the AMA has provided over 300 trash cans across the city for use by hawkers.

He called for support rather than condemnation of the AMA, insisting the job by the AMA is a shared responsibility.

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