Midnight Crew Supports Pastors To Have Private Jets, Kunle Ajayi Also Joins

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The formidable musical group, Midnight Crew that sang the popular track, Igwe has announced that, there is nothing really wrong in men of God acquiring private jets.

Patricia King, one of the members explained out the view of her group on the Private Jet topic, “What is wrong if a Man of God cruises in a private Jet? Is it not for the gospel to move forward? Must pastors be the poorest on earth? Moreover on Papa Oritsejafor, it was his members that bought him that aircraft as a way of celebrating his birthday. Are politicians and military officers not having such luxury? So if they do, why shouldn`t a man of God that has the blessings and power of God, the giver of wealth? My brother, don`t you think that if I have the money to buy a Jet or was given one, that I will use it with praises to God?”

Speaking days after on the same issue, gospel jazz musician Kunle Ajayi said, “’There is nothing bad when a Man of God acquires a private jet. Is it not common in America and Europe? It is all for the work of God to move on. Those who can buy it should so long as it is for the work of God. Let me tell, do you think if I could buy one too that I wouldn`t be happy to use it?”

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