Mahama Needs Support

Feature Article of Friday, 11 January 2013

Columnist: Dotse, Newman

By Newman Dotse

The young energetic and experienced politician who has gotten the mandate of the good people of Ghana needs the support of everybody in this country to succeed.

President John Dramani Mahama, according to the political connoisseurs this writer talked to, is not a political novice that would allow people around him to rule and dictate the pace for him, which could probably lead him into committing unpardonable mistakes.

They say John Mahama is not an academia who just jumped into political wagon to make history for himself but instead, he was well groomed to become the politician he is today.

He has, according to them, worked hard to emerge the victor in the very keenly contested elections that have been ostensibly adjudged as free and fair by observers from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and other international observers.

He has, according to them, scaled through the ranks to the peak of his political career hence cannot afford to demean his integrity by allowing boot-lickers and greedy ones in the party, some of whom would go to the extent of kowtowing to him to get what they want and eventually punish him for his generosity.

The Citizen Newspaper is aware that the Bible says we should be at peace with all manner of people. The same Bible advises mankind to be wise as serpent hence The Citizen Newspaper is advising the new president to be extra vigilant and always rely on his rich experience in determining what should be done to move this nation forward.

The Citizen hopes that with the trust reposed in him he would continue to lead the country along the path of growth and stability.

For now, The Citizen can only plead with all political leaders to join hands with the government to collectively deepen democracy in the country in the overriding interest of continued peace, political stability and progress of Ghana.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper ([email protected]) +233 27 731 4655