Ghana Maintains Tourism Growth

Business News of Friday, 11 January 2013


By Newman Dotse

Ghana’s tourism sector continues to be the largest foreign exchange earner as incomparable hospitality given to tourists on relaxation tour flourishes.

The industry has also registered strong performance for the past couple of years mainly because revenue generated from tourists continues to grow each year, to the admiration of the connoisseurs in the Tourism industry.

The continued growth of tourism is also attributed to the country’s security, stability coupled with the tremendous hospitality that attracts visitors keen to see and enjoy the country’s various attractions that many Africa Countries envy so much.

Since the beginning of last year (2012), the country hosted quite a hefty number of visitors, which serve as a bolster to the growth of the industry.

This however means that tourism is capable of transforming the economy of the Country if the government of Ghana pays serious attention to this flourishing industry that is currently providing job opportunities to the youth in the Country.

By estimation, it is obvious that apart from Cocoa and Gold, the tourism industry emerges as the third largest foreign exchange earner in Ghana but unfortunately, the various governments could not pay much attention to this enormous industry.

Well, The Citizen Newspaper is waiting patiently to see what Mahama’s administration will do to boost the tourism industry to enable the unemployed segment of the youth procure various jobs in the industry.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper ([email protected]) +233 27 731 4655