Argentina raid on paedophile ring

Computer keyboard and mousePolice seized computer equipment containing images of minors

Police in Argentina say they have broken up an international network of paedophiles who swapped pornographic images and videos of children.

More than 60 addresses across Argentina were raided.

Police seized computer equipment they allege was used to spread and sell the images via social media sites.

The investigation launched almost two years ago, when Interpol traced the pictures from London-based websites to internet servers located in Argentina.

Officials said dozens of people had been charged.

Deputy Security Secretary Dario Ruiz said members of the ring used pseudonyms to link up with other paedophiles via social networks.

Mr Ruiz said some of the computers contained images of children younger than 10.

He said the Argentine police had been alerted to the existence of the ring by Interpol, who in February 2011 had become aware of the existence of websites based in London which were used for sharing the images.