The NPP Will Wail When Thier “Senseless” Case Is Thrown Out – Asiedu Nketia

General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, says he considers the NPP’s request for the Supreme Court to televise the court proceedings of their petition against the Electoral Commission as “senseless” and believes the opposition party is preparing the grounds to dent the image of the court with their unnecessary demands in the event that their supposed evidence is thrown out of court.

The NDC Chief Scribe told Okay FM in an interview that had it not been for the patience he exercises when it comes to dealing with the NPP, he would have been forced to respond in derogatory terms because of “their useless talks”.

He voiced out that it was completely wrong for the NPP to fault President Mahama because he has appointed Justice Atuguba’s cousin to serve in his government.

He noted that as a result of the obvious Supreme Court ruling which won’t favour the NPP, they were making things harder for everyone and requesting for strange things such as the unseen “head of a crab”.

It is only when a child wants to cry that he would request for the head of a crab”, he proverbially said.

Mr. Nketia noted that the NPP is never pleased with the sacrifices other political parties make for them and are always poised to mar legitimate processes. He cautioned radio stations not to allow their platform to be used by the NPP to court public sympathy and stressed that it was wrong for the NPP to organize a press conference after they had filed a petition to the Supreme Court to look into the same case.

“They started on a chaotic note and finally agreed to go to court…you are the same people who alerted the Supreme Court with your case and turned around organizing a press conference. I really don’t know if they have empaneled journalists as their judges or still have faith in the court…they should come to court with their evidence so that the whole world would see if it is valid or just a way of preparing the grounds for violence”.

“When you listen closely, you would realize that they have no evidence and waiting to wage a war on the court as soon as their case is thrown out”, he added.