Statement: GNUPS congratulates President Mahama

Statement: GNUPS congratulates President Mahama

President Mahama

The Ghana National Union of Polytechnic Students (GNUPS) join Ghanaians today in marking this day which will go down memory lane as being historic and democratic. Few weeks ago, Ghana went through successfully the test that threw other countries in a state of unrest and bedlam.

It is evident that the 2012 elections is one of a kind that was keenly contested than any other in the history of our country. With the tensions, accusations and counter accusations, shenanigans and chastisements of individuals and political parties, one at a point was scared and wished that the process would cease for a moment. All said and done it went on smoothly.

Mr. President, as you start work, it is our expectation that you will relentlessly strive in executing the agenda that warranted your election: a president for all and not for privileged few. All-inclusive governance as well as a strict and urgent adherence to the horrifying and sympathetic concerns of the ordinary man will strengthen the efficacy of your leadership.

The abuse of political power and calling it a political savvy, the exploitation of the poor and calling it lottery is contrary to what we expect of your leadership.

Nevertheless, the nature of the struggle now has moved to the socio-economic front. The widespread of poverty, high unemployment, the lack of a vibrant local industrial economy, the inability of many Ghanaians to acquire three- square meals a day, inadequate affordable housing, and a continuing energy crisis requires your timely intervention.

Despite some significant strides that have been advanced in the area of health, we are optimistic some inadequacies in the sector which need rapid response without any equivocation will be a step in the right direction.

The polytechnic community is also expectant of the upgrading of polytechnics into technical universities and establishment of 200 new senior high, technical and vocational schools among other promises on education. This is something we hold dear.

We wish you well as you begin to exercise your mandate and pledge our unflinching, support to your administration.


Atariwini Andrew
Public Relations Officer