Overhaul PNC Leadership- PNC Group Demands

A splinter group within the Peoples National Convention (PNC) calling itself the PNC Caucus for Strategic Progress has called for a complete overhaul of the party’s leadership.

According to them, the leadership of the party “has failed the party woefully, they are those who have positioned the party in such a bad shape; in fact the PNC has now become a bad brand and it is all by the grace of the present leadership and the only way the PNC can go is to ensure that all these people are deleted.”

The PNC General Secretary, Bernard Mornah on the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday attributed the party’s abysmal performance during the 2012 general elections to what he described as lack of commitment to party activities during the campaign period.

With only one seat in Parliament, the PNC secured 24,000 out of the total votes cast collated by the Electoral Commission representing 0.2 in the last elections.

It was against this backdrop that the PNC Caucus for Strategic Progress called for a complete change of leadership to rejuvenate the party at the grassroots.

Atik Mohammed, Convener of the PNC Caucus for Strategic Progress maintained that the national executives do not deserve a second term in office.

He fumed, “There should be a gargantuan, unprecedented and a general overhaul of the entirety of the leadership right from the leader and national Chairman of the party, the General Secretary and all other executives; as for the flag bearer (Hassan Ayariga) he has already expired.”