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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Kumasi Mayor In Hot Waters!

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Even before President John Dramani Mahama appoints his Ministers, and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) residents of Kumasi are seriously calling on the President to relieve the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) Mr. Samuel Sarpong off his post as the Mayor of Kumasi.

In a random interview with a cross-section of residents of Kumasi, they expressed the belief that Mr. Sarpong is the worst Mayor Kumasi has had and so must be changed.

Majority of them are saying, “Enough is enough” since Mr. Sarpong is the worst mayor ever seen by the people. They therefore want President Mahama to give him the boot and replace him with a competent and a visionary leader who can let Kumasi regain its accolade as the Garden City of West Africa.

According to the respondents, their quest for a new M.C.E was not politically motivated or out of any ill feelings towards him but for the good of Kumasi.

They did not understand why the Kejetia bus terminal which is supposed to be the preserve for lorries has been turned into a commercial centre market thereby making movement of cars and people difficult.

The respondents added that, spaces which could have been used by drivers have been used to put up stores.

They pointed out that, every joint of the terminal has been turned into a refuse dump with food sellers serving people around them.
According to them, since Mr. Sarpong assumed office in 2008, roads in Kumasi never saw white paints which divide roads into equal halves. The said paints have faded and vanished from the road, which is a technical cause of road accidents on our roads.

One of them who only mentioned his name as Sammy wondered why the Mayor does not come out from his office and see the true state of the Kejetia, Central Business District (C.D.B) and around the Central market to see things for himself address them with his technocrats.
Another respondent, Mr. Agyekum, said zebra crossings on roads in the Kumasi metropolis have all faded and vanished, making it difficult for pedestrians especially school children to cross roads at some advantageous points in Kumasi, causing preventable accidents to the masses.

“Nana Akwasi Agyemang would always be remembered for the good job he rendered for the people of Kumasi as a Mayor during his tenure of office, because he proved to the people of Kumasi that he was not an armchair Mayor,” Sammy stressed.

He also lauded the Accra Mayor who he described as a strongman poised for action and ready to execute his job. Readers should stay tuned for more random interviews from other Municipals and Districts.

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