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Monday, December 6, 2021

Clegg vows to run again in 2015

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Nick CleggNick Clegg has been an MP since 2005

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has confirmed that he will run again for Parliament at the next election.

He told BBC Radio Sheffield he did not “relish” some of the decisions the coalition had had to make to reduce the budget deficit.

But he attacked Labour for allowing the banking sector to get away with “blue murder” while in power.

Mr Clegg has predicted that 2015 will see Britain’s “first full-blown scarcity election”.

Asked if he would be standing again in Sheffield Hallam, a seat with a large number of students, the Liberal Democrat leader replied: “Of course.”

‘Heart attack’

During his radio interview, he attacked Labour’s record in government and defended cuts made by the coalition.

“Of course no one likes making savings and cuts,” he said. “I don’t relish any of the decisions we have to take in central government, but the fact is I am in government and we’re all living at a time when we’re recovering from the worst economic heart attack in a generation.”

He accused Ed Balls, a former adviser to Gordon Brown and now shadow chancellor, of “sucking up” to the banks and letting them get away with “blue murder” during Labour’s time in power.

“The party that was largely responsible for the mess – and has never ever apologised for their responsibility in creating the mess in the first place – now blame every single difficult decision on people other than themselves.”

The next general election has been earmarked for May 2015.

Speaking to journalists during a press gallery lunch on Thursday, the deputy prime minister delivered a bleak economic assessment of the conditions, saying it will be Britain’s “first full-blown scarcity election”.

It would be “quite sombre” and “quite gritty”, he said, insisting that the Lib Dems would do better than most people expected.

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