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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Trailer: Lydia Forson Stars In New Movie With Desmond Elliot

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Lydia Forson stars in a new Desmond-Elliot directed movie Kamara’s Tree.

The movie also features an impressive cast of actors and actresses from Nigeria and Sierra Leon including Morris K Sesay, Ivie Okujaye, Dabota Lawson, Ginnefine Kanu, Bobby Obodo, Tessy Abubakar and Aisha Kamara.

Shot on location in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Kamara’s Tree is “the tale of a family which “after many years of not all being under the same roof, the family of extremely diverse characters gather in Freetown, Sierra Leone to celebrate the wedding of their eccentric kid sister.

Secrets and an uninvited guests threaten the day, as the family is thrown into a chaos.”

Kamara’s Tree is executive-produced by US-Based Sierra Leonean producer/actor Morris K Sesay.

Watch trailer below:

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