Today Is Not A Holiday – Fritz Baffour

Government has stated that January 7, 2013 is not a public holiday although the inaugural ceremony of President-elect, John Mahama has been declared a national event.

Some workers unions have advocated for the day to be declared a special public holiday since such an important ceremony is to be marked.

Speaking to Citi News however, the Minister of Information, Fritz Baffour explained that government has not considered making the inaugural day of a President a holiday since there are many of such days already.

According to him, it is a ceremony that happens “once every four years so I don’t see the essence in making it a holiday. It could fall on different days and it could fall on a weekend so it is a working day. I think that Ghana, we have enough holidays as it is so I think that it will remain a working day because it is actually a sitting of Parliament and Parliament doesn’t sit on holidays.”

Mr. Baffour added that “tomorrow is not going to be a holiday. It is a working day but people can ask permission to take at least take the time off. It takes place in the morning so we are hoping that latest by 12:30, the ceremony will be over so if people want to go back to work, they can go back to work but it’s definitely not a holiday.”

President-elect, John Mahama will be sworn in as President on Monday, January 7 after being declared the winner of the 2012 Presidential elections by the Electoral Commission.