Stop the media debates and go to court – Sam Okudzeto tells NPP, NDC

Stop the media debates and go to court - Sam Okudzeto tells NPP, NDC

Renowned lawyer and former President of the Ghana Bar Association, Samuel Okudzeto has urged the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), to do all their arguments in court rather than engaging in public debates on the petition the NPP filed in court, challenging the outcome of the December polls.

Speaking on Adom FM and Asempa FM’s news analysis programme, Nea me Hunu Wednesady evening, Sam Okudzeto noted that speculating what might be the possible outcome of the petition, is not only improper but also a contributory factor to the rising tension in the country.

He stated that the court is competent enough to determine the case based on the argument put forth by the parties involved.

“I don’t know why they (NPP and NDC) are jittery and jumpy. They should leave the matter to the court to determine. I don’t know why they are jumping to conclusion. Let the court hear the application. Let the court tell us exactly what they think…We should all stop discussing whether this is proper or that is proper…It is only the court which is competent to take that decision”, the former GBA president stated.

According to Sam Okudzeto, as far the NPP petition is concerned, the Supreme Court is aware of the enormous expectation on it.

“This is the first of its kind that has ever happened in our country and Africa. Definitely it is an important issue on constitutional interpretation, in relations to the election of presidency. It’s such an important matter that it is going to be a legacy to guide us in future…”

The Supreme Court today commenced proceedings on the NPP petition by hearing the motion filed by the NDC to join the suit. The NPP, has however through an affidavit opposed the NDC joinder saying the move was “calculated to delay” the court proceedings.

The NPP argued that, NDC’s application would defeat the objective of the new Supreme Court rule which is aimed at securing an expeditious trial in a petition challenging the results of a presidential election.