Sexy Pastor Arrested

“Pastor Philip Azumah invited me for an all night service at Darkuman near Abeka Lapaz. When I met him at Darkuman junction, he took me to a guest house and offered me a drink. I later found myself lying on a bed naked while my pastor who also lay naked by my side used his panties to wipe my vagina…”

These were the words of a 30-year-old married woman alleged to have been sexually assaulted by her pastor at Darkuman after she was lured into a guest house in Accra.

According to the victim, Pastor Azumah, founder of Zoe Power Ministry located at Madina Social Welfare, later proposed love to her and handed over some black concoction to her to drop into the food of her husband.

“Later, I realized that my husband to whom I have been married for the past 10 years was behaving abnormally after taking the food with the substance, then I had to confess,” she added.

Pastor Azumah was later arrested by the Adentan District Police Command after a report was lodged with the police by the husband of the victim.

The alleged ‘black substance’ given to the victim to put into the food of her husband was also brought to the police station by the woman.

Narrating the story to the journalists, DSP Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, the Adentan District Police Commander, said the love affair of the woman and the supposed pastor started in 2006.

According to the woman, who is married with three children, Pastor Azumah proposed love to her at the end of one of their prayer sessions but she declined the proposal.

Later, Pastor Azumah invited her to an all night session at Darkuman but rather took her to a guest house, gave her a drink and when she was dazed, the suspect slept with her.

The victim narrated that after the first sexual encounter, she had not been able to deny any requests for sex from the pastor.

The victim alleged that in September last year, Pastor Azumah called her on phone to propose marriage to her.

Later that same month, according to the victim, the pastor met her and gave her the black substance to put into the food of the husband.

On December 29, 2012, upon realizing that the husband was behaving abnormally after taking the food with the black substance, the woman confessed her misdeeds to her husband and asked for forgiveness.

Together with the wife, the husband reported the matter to the Adentan Police for investigation.

Pastor Azumah, upon his arrest on January 2, 2012, confirmed his paramour’s story and asked for pardon.

Both the ‘black substance’ and the suspect are currently in police custody awaiting forensic examination and trial respectively.

DSP Ahiatafu called on other victims of Pastor Azumah to report at the Adentan Police Station.