President John Mahama Don’t Take Ga`s For Granted

What goes around comes around. I was not surprised to read on Ghanaweb that the self-acclaimed Ga caucus went to congratulate President John Mahamah and at the same time used their visit to lobby for the replacement of Afotey Agbo; that, in fact is the nature of Ga`s.

The same people, including Afotey Agbo, backed by the late David Lamptey and Oko Djanie(NDK financial Services) lobbied the late President Atta Mills for the demotion of Hon Nii Amarh Ashitey a stellar minister and former mayor of Tema, a lawyer by profession and a Royal to Lenshie clan in Teshie a surbub of Accra. Until today, the late President Mills and his Ga cronies have not been able to tell Ghanaians the rationale behind removing a lawyer from office and replacing him with a politician who has no Ordinary level certificate to represent the capital region of Ghana.

Even though I don’t believe in Tribalisim, I would like to advise the President that he should show equity in the selection of his ministers. He should also show Ghanaians the importance of education by selecting educated and qualified people as ministers.

It’s a shame to create a government with no Ga`s even though greater Accra is the main machinery of both political parties. The same vein in which Mantse Agbo naa (lighthouse) is the platform to kick the campaign in motion should be the same way in considering Ga`s when it’s time for appointment.

To conclude, I would like to mention that there is a difference between a Ga and Adangme, just like a Gonja and a Frafra. Hon E.T Mensah, Afotey Agbo, Naadu Mills are not Ga`s but Adangme and it’s about time that a few of the Ga`s that were elected be also elevated to keep Ga`s motivated in the NDC. To all Ga`s, it’s about time we unite and fight a common course. If we do not unite, very soon we will not even have a Ga representation in parliament as demonstrated in Teshie where an Ewe lady (Akiti Duah) has wrestled a seat from Nii Lantey Dua a well-known and also a stellar politician a word to the wise is enough.